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We help our clients to find a job in Canada, USA and Europe. Our specialized international recruiters will assess your education, work experience and other qualifications to find you a suitable job in Canada, USA and Europe and  our team of experienced immigration lawyers and consultants will assist you and your family to get relevant entry visas and work permits to start your new job in the new workplace.


Thousands of Canadian and US immigrant Visas are issued every year for employment based immigration applicants and their family members. Main requirement to apply for this type of immigration is to find a job and receive a valid job offer. Through our extended global network of agents and partners in employment placement industry we are able to connect you with highly motivated employers in Canada and the US who are eager to offer high-paying jobs to qualified foreign workers.

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Create your profile in our website and enter your accurate and up to date details. We will match your education and experience with the current job opportunities and connect you with the hiring employers or their representatives.

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